A personal account of my dealings with progressive multiple sclerosis. And my battle with trigeminal neuralgia and the brain surgery that stopped the pain!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Like a yo-yo, honestly that is how I feel about my days. One day I am out
and about accomplishing all the wonderful things that are on my agenda. The very next day I cannot get the strength to even be vertical.

I looked up how yo-yos work and found that there are three different kinds of energy needed to make the whole thing happen:

#1 Potential energy—because it's a certain height above the floor.

#2 Kinetic energy of movement—because it's moving up or down relative to the floor

#3 Kinetic energy of rotation—because it's spinning around.

And honestly my life consists of all three types. Yet on the "bad" days I'm
just not maintaining #1 which would compromise #2! Now #3 shouldn't ever be too much of a problem because I am nearly always spinning out of control!

Once I get this figured out I will be sure to share my findings.

Until then I'll just continue to hold tight and try to enjoy the ride!

"Although Jesus was the Son of God, he learned to be obedient through his sufferings." Hebrews 5:8

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