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Thursday, March 5, 2009


Portrait by Breanna

One of the biggest issues I have with multiple scleoris is that I am unable to depend on myself. Good thing I am a Christian and can consider less of me and more of Him my goal. Otherwise I'd be so frustrated.

The other huge problem I have is that dealing with a chronic illness makes me self involved. The Lord knows my desire is to be selfless and a servant to others.

I blogged about my issues with urinary tract infections last week. And the most recent one caused me to feel I was going down hill quickly. Like a train on the back side of a mountain. Faster than I could keep up with. And my back was aching along with chills & fever. So I emailed a physician friend and of course she suggested that I get to the E-room to be sure it wasn't a kidney infection that could get into my blood stream and be hard to treat. (it was Sunday morning)

So we reluctantly made the trip to emergency. It was a better experience than I'd anticipated. Nice folks and not an all day affair.
My temp was down at that time. My urine came out showing very little problems. My blood work was fine. Yet I was clearly in pain and miserable. They ultimately did a cat scan to check for a kidney stone. Nope

But they decided that since I take antibiotics prophylactically, and had indeed taken 3 cepro last week. It is possible that an early infection wouldn't show up. So they are treating me like it is a uti that was heading towards my kidney.

Who knows.. makes me wonder sometimes if I should give up trying to find out why I am down when I am down. Just treat when I need to treat and wait to get well again.

My symptoms were so bad I had to also take pyridium. And it helped. By Tuesday I felt well enough to take Breanna to her dance class.

But that was it. Since then I've been horizontal on my sofa. Sad but true. How desperately I want to have energy and strength enough to just do things around the house. Yesterday I tried one of my amphetamine pills for ms fatigue. No help at all. Fever off and on.

Can't do much more than lay with my precious macbook on my lap. And lots of praying because besides needing it myself.. I can serve the the Lord and others by engaging with my Lord and the privilege of prayer that He has given me.

Hoping to present a better report soon.

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