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Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Middle of the night plea for prayer

I posted this on twitwall late last night (or early this morning) yet thought I'd move it to the blog. I was desperate for prayer and that was the quickest way to get to my those who might still be up and able to pray.

Here goes:

Needing some prayer support.. discretion advised Edit
Most know that I deal with some pretty chronic bladder and urinary tract issues from the multiple sclerosis. I've just gotten through a mini series of bouts with these conditions which give me discomfort and more importantly a rise in body temperature which slows all nerve conduction and makes symptoms that are normally just background noise very up front and noticeable.
One rare and difficult problem I have dealing with this neuro-genic bladder is that there will be times that it won't empty. It rarely empties fully and this is one reason I am so prone to the infections.
So I self catheterize 2-3 times per day as needed to allow all urine to be moved out of my bladder.
Yet there are these occasions when I have spasms.. the feeling like i am constantly full of urine and in great need of voiding. I can sit down to void and only go a tiny bit. But there is no sleeping because the urge feels so intense and the painful spasms with it make it impossible to sleep.
I am grateful this does not occur often. But right now seems a bad time as I am on a slight dose of steroids from my previous bout of not getting better and becoming so weak. These drugs play havoc on my sleep anyway. Now with the spasms I am asking prayer for sleep tonight.
I've taken some medications to help with the spasms. I honestly don't know what else to do but to pray and ask for your prayers as well.
I've had a great and productive day. Until about an hour before reclining for bed. Now it is just amounting of potty sitting or getting in and right back out of the bed.

I will use this time to pray intensely for those whom I know that are suffering a much worse fate at this time in their lives. I will seek God and ask Him to encourage your hearts as you serve the kingdom by praying at His throne in the flesh.

Love to all


  1. Hi Switching Granny, I was able to find your blog and have been reading a couple of them. I really enjoy your writing and will continue to catch up. For now, I will say....I am a born again Christian, a retired nurse (so I understand some of your problems) and my best friend from the fourth grade on has had M.S. since she was about twenty-eight and I wrote about her in my blog a couple of years ago. Look here;
    My family has been visiting us here in Ft. Myers since yesterday and we are celebrating my granddaughter's eighteenth birthday today. We will certainly be in prayer for your needs.....I am happy to have found your blog, but I am having trouble leaving messages on Twitter. I'll keep trying to Twitter and will read yours each day.

  2. Thanks Kacey! It means so much to know that I'm not always writing to myself. And especially nice that you are a Christian who knows about MS. Wow.. God brought us together.

    Have a wonderful trip. Do you also blog? I would like to follow


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