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Friday, September 12, 2008

Watched 3-D MVD with inventor commenting

Today was exciting as I watched a 3-D video of microvascular decompression surgeries with Dr. Peter Janetta (among others)! What a remarkable man. He invented the surgical technique that stops TN pain in its tracks for 90% of people!

Here is the link to the book written about him: Working in a very small place

I shed a tear thinking of the awesomeness of the surgery I endured just a year and a half ago! And how very thankful I am to have had success!

Anyway Dr. Janetta is convinced that hypertension, diabetes, and even Parkinson's disease are all caused by vessels compressing cranial nerves. Amazingly he said that he has already treated these conditions with MVD surgeries. WOW Fascinating for sure.

Tommy and I met so many folks today who have dealt with this monster and more. Some have had more than one MVD. Some have had other procedures including Gamma Knife surgery, balloon compression, radio frequency surgery and glycerol in injections. Others have found relief from complimentary medicines and procedures. One topic discussed today was Acupuncture for TN. We met a lady who is wearing a trial electric stimulation device which sends an electrical pulse to her neck and head when she begins to feel the pain of TN.

We've met many people who have had their lives nearly destroyed from the pain or from the "cure", the anti seizure medications that are supposed to dull the horrible TN jabs yet often dull one's entire mind in the process.

Then this evening the conference hosted a reception. The food was fabulous. I experienced my first chocolate fountain! Yummiest with pineapple!

Well exhausted and more updates and pictures coming tomorrow.

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  1. WOW! Thanks so much for sharing your blog with me! It is so exciting to read that the procedure worked for you!

    Thanking the Lord that you were given a chance to share how the procedure has helped you; AND that you had a chance to glorify His Name amongst the people in attendance.



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